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Camacho BaseBall Academy

Summer Training Camp 2022

Camacho Baseball Academy


Summer Training Camp 2022

Camacho Baseball Academy summer training camp is for players all aroun​d the world. Come  experience and visit a beautiful country. We will Provide players and their families a chance to experience an authentic Baseball Training Camp conducted by the leading Independent Training Academy in the Dominican Republic, the Camacho Baseball Academy.

Camacho Baseball Academy trains six days a week, Sunday we usually have off unless if there's a special occasion as a tryout or a game. These packages are per person, consist of hard training twice a day (morning & afternoon) six days a week.

We will be visiting some of the 30 organization of MLB they are all here in the Dominican Republic.

Airfare is not included. We will pickup at Arrival & drop off at Departure

Our Packages consist of room & board. Breakfast, lunch & dinner and snacks in between. You will be experiencing the life of a Dominican baseball player trying to reach his dream. You will be living and eating side by side with them. Playing baseball, going to tryouts & getting evaluated from professional MLB Scout. We have four different packages to choose from.    

 We also have team packages for groups more then 10 players. Team packages will be staying in a nearby hotel on the Beach or Villa. Prices will change, let us know in our contact so we can get a quote on the right package you will need.                                              

Summer Training Camp 2022

Come & experience how young kids sacrifice themselves, to be away from there family to go after their dreams. These kids dreams is to sign & one day become a professional baseball players. Hard Work & Dedication is what these players give every day.

Camacho Baseball Academy invites you to come & be apart of Training Camp 2022.

Guardians time to relax...

Guardians that comes with young players will also stay at the hotel on the Beach. Relaxing and taking great sun while the players are working & training hard.

Go to our contact & send us your Info, so we can give you a price that suits you.

Thanks, will see you soon...

Relax time


J O I N   N O W

Players that visit our Summer Camp


From Australia


From Bronx, NY


From Saint Louis

visited Twice